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A. Drop Ship

Part I

1) After you get an email notification that you have received an Order, log in to the admin area to begin.

2) Now that you are in the admin area, let's go to orders. You can go to...

Store Information>Orders in the grey bar (hover mouse over the area so learners can see) OR you can get in the easy way the quick link "orders" icon in the main admin area.

3) Orders are arranged by order number so the newer ones appear at the top. Locate the order you want to begin processing and click on it to activate then click details.

4) Now we can see the order template


  • You can now see the customer’s contact, shipping, and billing information.
    • You should review this information to make sure it is a legitimate order.

5) Below the customer contact information you will see the items your customer purchased, this is where you begin Shipping the Order.

6) Check the "Send to OBN" boxes of the items you want the distributor to send and click the "Send Selected Items to OBN" button.

  • This will send the order to be fulfilled by the distributor.

  • After sending the items through, the check boxes will become and the gray area will display “order feed moved to obn.”

7) At this point, scroll down and change your order status.

  • This does not happen automatically, it must be done manually.
    • You could change it to "Processing" too and write a comment to yourself, your colleagues, or your customer. It benefits you, your employees, and your customers. Mainly, it lets you know where you have left off on the order.

    • If you want the customer to be notified with an email containing this comment and status change, keep the "Notify Customer" box checked; otherwise uncheck the Notify Customer box.

8) Click
  • Now you can see your new action.
    • It shows the date of your action, whether the customer was notified or not, the new status, and the new comment attached to this action.


9) Now you can back out, see your status change on the orders page, and log back in later to see if your order has been confirmed by the distributor (about 30 minutes).


Part II


After the distributor confirms their acceptance of your order is when you will know for sure that the order will be shipped by the distributor. This status should appear within 30 minutes of you pressing the submit button.


10) Click "Details" again. You’ll know if your distributor shipped your products by what is says in the gray-shaded items ordered area.

11) First, you will most likely see one of two outcomes:

a) "Acknowledged by OBN" under the checkbox for each item. This simply means that your order has been acknowledged by your distributor but has not yet shipped.

b) Or it might also display an error or rejection message.


  • To avoid having your order rejected, never drop ship firearms, items that are not legal in certain states, or any international orders.Those types of orders need to be called or emailed in and shipped to your store.
  • Also be sure to process orders in a timely manner. The longer you wait the more chance of someone purchasing a hot item before you. It is possible for things to go out of stock at the distributor while you are waiting to process an order. In this case the order would get rejected because the item is no longer available.



12) If there is no error or rejection message, after the distributor ships the item you will see the following:

a) Notice that instead of saying “order feed moved to obn” it should now say "Shipped by OBN".

Note: The statuses may contain some slightly different wording depending on the distributor.


b) Scroll down, and you will see a tracking number in the Extra Tracking Number box.

Note: This tracking number is automatically sent to your customer when the distributor makes it available. To change the status of your order you must do so manually.


13) Now that you know that your order has been shipped you might type a comment for your customer in the Comments Box.

14) Change the status again to "Shipped".

Note: Changing the status is important as a form of communication not only to yourself, but to your colleagues and your customers if you choose to notify them

15) Keep the Notify Customer box checked (if you want the customer to receive an email notification of the new status/comments) and click Update.

16) Now the order is finished. If you click Back you can see the status change on the orders page to "Shipped".